pentacle-princess: 1, 14, 21, 27, 34, 40

asdfghjkl; thank you for asking me questions u v u 

1. Do you want to date someone? Well, if you mean in general, like, do you believe in dating or if i long to date someone currently (not a specific person) then yes! i do believe in dating and it would be super nice to have a lovey relationship right now because lovey is the best yo

14. What makes you laugh no matter what? I think Wes Anderson movies make me laugh no matter what. That and really stupid humor like “How much goat for United States? 2 goat- NO THAT IS TOO MUCH GOAT” idk im stupid

21. Who was the first person you talked to today? Pretty sure it was my niece or my momma cause I’m in a fog in the morning pfff

27. Do you plan on moving out within the next year? Nooo, because I’m a total loser who has no job and no money. Plus I gotta do my sENIOR YEAR YO 

34. How late did you stay up last night and why? I don’t remember last night, but I remember the other night when I stayed up until 3 o’clock to watch the Lone Ranger pff

40. Are you currently in a relationship? No, I’m not because I’m a loser u n u 

But never on your sleeve, unless you wanna taste defeat.


Heart Collar Blouse

marina and the diamonds dressed as a giant corn cob

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) 


  • ♂ =  I am a boy who has a crush on you
  • ♀ = I am a girl who has a crush on you
  • () = I am a non binary person who has a crush on you
  • * = just delete your tumblr already
  • æ = Post a picture of yourself
  • $ = You’re awesome
  • # = I love your blog
  • @ = You’re beautiful
  • + = i hate you.
  • % = You’re ugly
  • <3 = I want to fuck you
  • & = I wish we were close
  • ~ = I wish we were friends in real life
  • ? = I relate to a lot of the same things you go through 
  • ! = You inspire me

created by acousticized